Actocracy’s roadmap is a testament to our commitment to innovation, community engagement, and the seamless integration of digital and physical worlds. Here’s a glimpse into our journey, categorized into Achieved, In Progress, and Planned milestones.

Past Developement Stages


  1. Checkin2earn Concept Development: The foundational idea that sparked the creation of Actocracy.

  2. Launch of Tokenomics: Establishment of a sustainable economic model for the ecosystem.

  3. Promotion Platform Launch: Introduction of Twitter Quests and other social media engagements.

  4. 3-Level Affiliate Program: A robust system to incentivize and reward community growth.

  5. Private Beta Testing: Comprehensive testing phase to refine and enhance platform features.

Current Dev Stage


  1. Expansion of Promotion Platform Features: Further development of engagement tools across multiple platforms such as Discord, Youtube, TikTok and Reddit.

  2. Governance Mechanisms: Implementing democratic processes for community-driven decision-making.

  3. Advertiser API: Easy to use API interface to create and manage your Promotion Campains and Sell our service on your branded boards and resources.

  4. Integration with Google Places & Bing Maps: Enhancing physical location visibility through digital platforms.

  5. First Land NFTs and Mint Pass Sales: Initiating the sale of Land NFTs to expand the ecosystem’s reach.

  6. Game Mechanics Introduction: Incorporating gamified elements to drive engagement and participation.

Future Stages


  1. Mixed Reality Experiences: Merging digital interactions with real-world locations to enhance user engagement.

  2. Official Mobile App Release: Launching a comprehensive app to bring the Actocracy experience to mobile users.

  3. Social-Fi Elements: Integrating social finance mechanisms to foster a more connected and financially inclusive community.

  4. Federations and Unions: Incorporating more sophisticated socio-political gaming to drive engagement and participation.

  5. Seamless AR Device Integration: Ensuring Actocracy’s mixed reality features are compatible with the latest AR technology.

  6. Expansion of Community-Driven Governance: Deepening the democratic processes within the ecosystem for broader community involvement.

Actocracy is on a path to revolutionize how communities interact, govern, and thrive in a mixed reality world. Our roadmap reflects our ambition to create a decentralized society where every action and interaction brings us closer to a more engaged, equitable, and empowered global community.

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