Actocracy's Beta: A Leap Towards Our Collective Future

March 1, 2024 in Updates by Actocracy Team3 minutes

Actocracy's Beta: A Leap Towards Our Collective Future

Actocracy’s Closed Beta: Pioneering the Future Together

Actocracy is thrilled to announce the commencement of our closed Beta testing phase on this 1st day of March.

This significant step is not just a testament to our technological advancements but a beacon of our shared vision for a future where every voice matters and every action counts.

Key Updates

During this Beta testing phase, we’ve implemented several significant updates to enhance the platform’s functionality and security:

  • Core Microservices Refactoring: We’ve thoroughly refactored all core microservices to ensure the highest security standards. All potential security breaches have been addressed, risks mitigated, and attack vectors rendered too costly or impossible, safeguarding your private data comprehensively.

  • Revamped Campaigns Section: The /campaigns section has received a new UI/UX design, enabling advertisers to track the activities of Campaigns’ Quests effectively and in real-time.

  • Contract Audits: Our Token, Swap, and Internal Exchange contracts have undergone rigorous third-party audits, ensuring their integrity and security. You can review the audit results on PolygonScan:

  • DIMP Token Liquidity and Safety: The DIMP token can now be transferred and swapped directly in MetaMask and other wallets supporting UniswapV3, ensuring user funds are absolutely safe and accessible, even if Actocracy is offline.

  • AI-Powered Activity Approval: Our newly released Activity Approval AI is in its learning phase, double-checking the organicness of user activities to provide the best possible experience. This includes real-time checks during quest completions and post-factum statistical analyses.

  • Liquidity Provision: Initial liquidity has been provided to DIMP token swap pairs for DIMP/USDT and DIMP/USDC pools.

  • Promotion Helper and Strategy Builder: Our AI-powered promotion helper and auto-promotion-strategy builder are now in the prototype stage and undergoing testing.

What This Means for You

  • Be at the Forefront: As a participant in the closed Beta, you are among the pioneers shaping the future of Actocracy, offering invaluable insights that will steer the evolution of our ecosystem.

  • Experience Innovation Firsthand: Engage with cutting-edge features designed to enhance community interaction, ensure data security, and streamline decentralized decision-making.

  • Secure Your Place: By joining the closed Beta, you secure your place in Actocracy’s history as one of the first to experience and contribute to a platform that values every member’s contribution.

Your Invitation to Shape the Future

As we embark on this closed Beta testing phase, we extend a heartfelt invitation to you to join us in shaping a platform that stands for empowerment, innovation, and collective progress. Your participation, feedback, and enthusiasm are the driving forces that will propel Actocracy from a bold vision to a transformative reality.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Beta release announcement, and prepare to be part of a movement that’s set to redefine the landscape of community engagement and decentralized governance.

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