Actocracy Alpha is Here: Be Among the First to Explore

January 1, 2024 in Updates by Actocracy Team2 minutes

Actocracy Alpha is Here: Be Among the First to Explore

Actocracy Alpha is Here: Be Among the First to Explore

We’re thrilled to announce that the Alpha release of Actocracy is finally here! This monumental milestone marks the beginning of a new era in community engagement, decentralized governance, and mixed reality experiences. And now, we’re inviting you to be among the first to explore this groundbreaking ecosystem.

What’s in the Alpha Release?

The Alpha release of Actocracy introduces a suite of features designed to empower users and communities:

  • Promotion Platform Integration: Engage with the initial functionalities of our Promotion Platform, including Twitter Quests and the 3-Level Affiliate Program.
  • Actocracy Citizen Passport: A unique opportunity to become a foundational member of the Actocracy community, with exclusive access to future features and benefits.

Why Get Involved Now?

Becoming one of the first to explore the Actocracy Alpha release offers several exciting advantages:

  • Shape the Future: Your feedback and engagement will directly influence the development and refinement of Actocracy features.

  • Exclusive Access: Actocracy Citizen Passport holders will enjoy early access to new features, special events, and unique opportunities within the ecosystem.

  • Join a Growing Community: Connect with other forward-thinking individuals and communities passionate about creating a more engaged and equitable world.

How to Get Your Actocracy Citizen Passport

Ready to dive in? Here’s how you can secure your Actocracy Citizen Passport and start exploring the Alpha release:

  1. Sign up to Actocracy: Head over to and sign up any way you prefer to create your Citizen Passport.

  2. Start Exploring: Dive into the features of the Alpha release, participate in governance, and begin shaping the future of Actocracy.

Join Us in This Revolutionary Journey

The Alpha release of Actocracy is just the beginning. As we continue to develop and expand the ecosystem, your involvement and feedback will be invaluable. Together, we can build a decentralized society where every action and interaction contributes to a more engaged, equitable, and empowered world.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of the Actocracy movement. Secure your Actocracy Citizen Passport today and join us in shaping the future.